Taking themed portraits in Idaho

Portrait in Idaho 1

People often worry about taking good portraits in creative places. There are so many locations where once can find great photography locations, but the ones I’m covering are on the East side of Idaho and crossing into Montana or Wyoming. The results from these photography settings can be stunning. https://www.treasurevalleyportraits.com/ is a good example. These locations are great for portraits in Idaho.

Portrait in idaho 2

There are so many ways to theme a photo shoot, so I had a few different styles present during my photos. A fisherman, a bride, a girl with a fur coat, and another fisher in a river. These different themes just show a level of diversity you might want to seek when practicing photography. Having a well balanced series of different themed shoots can show your skill. Potential employers enjoy seeing diversity and consistency in different ways.

I like this series I shot because they are all in very similar locations but have very distinct and varying looks to them. Newer photographers need to get their feet wet with different projects like this. You will greatly improve in your photography ability by doing so, and it will be very apparent in your work. Compiling a portfolio with a bit of different photographs can also attract employers.

Portrait in idaho 3
Fisher woman