Just a few phone photography tricks

Everyone has a phone in their pocket. Everybody has a camera attached to that phone. How can you get some good quality shots with such a portable and standard built in feature? Here are just a few phone photography tricks to help you with nailing down some perfect in-the-moment photographs!

First, lens compression. Lens compression occurs when you zoom in with your camera. When you’re closer to the subject, it will bring out more of the background and make things look far away. The mountain in the background here looks so far away, but in the following picture it looks very close up. This is because of lens compression. When we take some steps back and then zoom with the phone, it will make the mountain come up closer. You can get some really cool effects with this trick.

Phone Photography Tricks lens Compression
Phone Photography Tricks lens Compression

Most people know how to take panoramic photos with their phone. Turn your phone so it’s capturing images in portrait position, and then work from the brightest part of the scene to the darkest part. This will allow you to capture detail and lighting a lot better. These photos are great for Instagram carousels and sliders. If you’re looking for more cool phone photography tricks, check out https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/good-pictures-phone-tips.

Phone Photography Tricks panorama

iPhones have a portrait mode option that helps crop in to the subject and get a strong and beautifully focused photo of them. If you don’t have a professional mirrorless or DSLR camera, iPhones do a pretty good job at capturing color and focusing well. Here are some portraits I did with a DSLR https://westleymata.com/stunning-fashion-portrait-lighting/. iPhones do a great job as well and I recommend you use this setting. Below is a before and after using portrait mode. The focus is really strong and it almost highlights the models you’re photographing.

portrait mode before
portrait mode after