My personal style photography portfolio

During the last few month, I have developed my photography skills quite a bit. I now want to show my personal style photography portfolio that I have developed over the last few months. While my portfolio isn’t super updated, here are a few results that are really developed:

I developed my style over the course of this last week and ended up with a slightly retro and low photo quality style. Here are some examples of my new personal style: The photo down below is a sample of my new style.

Personal style photography portfolio example

To build this style, I went through lots of types of photoshoots. Before you can really develop your own style, one must explore many styles and lighting arrangements. I did this to make sure the style I wanted to get good at is what is shown above. Natural light is good, but some slight help from reflectors of flash benders can greatly assist with your lighting.

Personal style photography portfolio example
Personal style photography portfolio example
Behind the scenes of product photography edited
Architecture and product advertisements Kay Jewelers
Vintage vibes composite model
Portrait in idaho 2
distinguished men fashion model posing groom
food and product photography bread

If you’re interested in my style, try checking out my contact me page. I would love to work with you to create another photoseries with this strong aesthetic.