Messing around with exposure to create EPIC photography

EPIC Photography overexposed

As a Communication student with an emphasis in visual communication, I have learned to do graphic design, photography, web design, and a few other mediums to get my point across. Here are a few I took when messing with various levels of exposure. I first took a photo with the model correctly exposed. I then took a photo with the model underexposed and the background properly exposed. I then used a fill flash with the underexposed photo to bring out the model and the sky in the same photo. It left me with epic photography results.

Epic photography underexposed

These results show the value of using flash and not just natural light. I wouldn’t want to blow out the sky in my shoots, and in those instances fill flash would be the best bet. I’ve used it a few times since for other assignments and photography I’m trying to get done for other reasons. I recommend the use of fill flash to get yourself some epic photography results. Some people do use natural light to get great photography, like , but some flash can really elevate your results to another level.

Epic photography perfect exposure with flash