Creating comic book scan art

Scanography, or scan art, is an art medium using objects and an electronic scanner. I love comic books, and wanted to make a creative image with an interesting comic cover. To create this photo I took some cash I had laying around and one of my favorite comic book covers and brought it to a scanner. It took several attempts with settings and composition, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. 

Spiderman comic book scan art

When something is lifted off the printer it quickly goes out of focus, so I had to hold down the comic book and allow some of the surrounding cash to float up and get darker and more out of focus. Comic book scan art is hard to find online, so I tried to do something with that because it was sort of niche and I think it would be cool to create more. I chose this cover of Spider-Man to pair with money because when Spider-Man lost his uncle in some versions of the story, it was because he chose to argue about money with a wrestling manager (at least in the Toby McGuire version of the movie). It was fun to make, and I would recommend making some sort of scan art (or scanography) for yourself! For inspiration, visit to see some great examples of scan art work!