Photographing architecture and product advertisements

Good architecture and product advertisements focus on creative angles of the product or location. Because of this, when it comes to architecture, unique perspectives and texture or detailed shots go a long way. An example of this is because they digitally render their architectural images. Most people don’t have the resources or skills to do that. Indoor photography captures textures and specific details about floorplans. Here are some photographs I took at the same location as this blog post:

Architecture and product advertisements target

Target is a massive department store company competing against other brands like Walmart. I created an advertisement for their company like I was marketing their button-up shirt collection to potential customers. The shirt looks better because it’s being used in a candid situation instead of being directly focused on. This can sells product better than specifically targeting the shirt because it shows off everyday use.

Architecture and product advertisements Kay Jewelers

Above used a similar approach as the Target advertisement. Kay Jewelers creates classy jewelry, and to advertise that merchandising I photographed a bride’s ring, hand, dress, and bouquet. I used this setting to sell the idea of rings rather than specifically trying to sell the specific ring.

Architecture and product advertisements Capezio

Ballet is another market needing ads for their products. I used a ballerina’s shoes and tutu to take the above photograph. Capezio is a ballet product selling company, and point shoes are one of their largest selling items. Point shoes are necessary to dancers so they make good subjects for a Capezio advertisement.

A couple of architectural shots are below to highlight the location I photographed the rest of these photos at. Check out the Venue in Rigby Idaho if you’re looking to get similar shots. Good photography can be taken anywhere but a good location never hurts the creative process. Give it a shot.

Hanging light
Indoor bathroom sign