Professional Imaging Style Project

A professional imaging style project presentation A professional imaging style project require careful planning, precise execution, and thoughtful refinement. This project was completed in those three steps. If you're interested in checking out more passion projects...

Personal Style Photography Portfolio

My personal style photography portfolio During the last few month, I have developed my photography skills quite a bit. I now want to show my personal style photography portfolio that I have developed over the last few months. While my portfolio isn't super updated,...

Vintage Vibes

Photographing vintage vibes and making photoshop composites Honing down on a niche is crucial. I've decided particular vintage vibes are my niche. There are many kinds of vintage. The 1920's to the 1990's are this kind of aesthetic, and there are many sub-categories....

Deserts and Stars

Photographing deserts and stars with a model I'm looking for a style. Deserts and stars are the answer. This style needs to have a distinct look to it. After deliberating about where I should take my photography, I made a choice. I want to have a strong vintage look...

Idaho Architecture

Photography of Idaho architecture I had an opportunity to take a few photos of a beautiful cabin in Idaho. The cabin was on the Buffalo River. Idaho architecture isn't much different than most places, but this cabin was a beautiful opportunity for some professional...

Behind the Scenes of Product Photography

Showing you the behind the scenes of product photography In the past, seeing the behind the scenes of product photography has really inspired me to create my own. Artistically presenting products is a professional skill necessary for someone looking for work in the...

Food and Product Photography

Using lighting to make optimal food and product photography Food and product photography is valuable for stores and restaurants. When people are trying to get their merchandise to sell, the presentation is everything. states, "Food photography is...

Professional Photography Printing

Setting up and using professional photography printing Photography has a certain satisfaction about it. Every creative finds satisfaction when he or she finally can hold their printed, physical work. I worked hard at Yellowstone to produce some quality photos, and I...

Buffalo River Photography

Taking Buffalo River Photography Locations for photography can be difficult to find unless you have a trained eye for it. Even the most beautiful spots can be difficult to take photos of if you do not have experience. Despite that, there are places that are naturally...

The Teton Mountains

Doing photography at the Teton mountains Great photos can be taken anywhere, but you just can't make up the beautiful views you can find in certain locations. Teton National Park contains plenty of mountains to take photos of in all their majesty. On a trip to this...

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